Atlanta Restaurants That You Just Can’t Pass Up While On Vacation

Hotlanta, better know as Atlanta, may get a little warm during those summer months, but what southern city doesn’t? Atlanta reminds me a little of New Orleans because of it’s southern charm and culture. Atlanta may not be The Big Easy, but it has its own draw, its own culture and much more to offer. You won’t have to worry about The Walking Dead while you go around visiting Atlanta’s top restaurants, so take a deep breath and enjoy the city and all of its fine foods.

Aviva by Kameel is a nice restaurant located on Peachtree Street. The reviews say it is small, but that doesn’t stop it from being the top ranked restaurant. This is Mediterranean cuisine at its finest. After stopping on by Aviva by Kameel, you can visit a steakhouse on Piedmont Road called Bone’s Restaurant. Of course, you might want to think outside the box because this steakhouse has much more to put on your table than a nice juicy steak. Do you know what grit fritters are? You can also enjoy seafood, salads and all kinds of delicious foods.

Those are two top Atlanta restaurants, but did you know that the city features 2500+? It is time to look at a third, and next up is a restaurant called Canoe. On Paces Ferry Road, Canoe features all kinds of great eats, but you are going to be surprised. Rabbit is on the menu. If you think that is odd, kangaroo is also on the menu, as well as monkfish. So you are likely to get to try things you never thought you could try when you visit Canoe.

Fat Matt’s Rib Shack is on Piedmont Avenue just like Bone’s Restaurant. A plate of ribs sounds like the a great meal. Aside from sides and sauces, the name of the restaurant is enough to tell me what I would want to be eating there. You better believe there is more barbecue on the menu though. What do you think you would like to try? Reviewers talk about a popular menu item called Brunswick Stew.

Do you like unique pizza places? Do you want to see what Atlanta has to offer when it comes to pizza? Ecco is your pizza spot, one of them anyway, and the reviews are wonderful. Sometimes pizza for dinner just does it for everyone. When it doesn’t, there are still plenty more restaurants to explore.